Updated Sep 16th 2019
             Clyde Timms
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             Branson, Missouri
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Located in South West Missouri near Branson. Most of my dogs are from Danny Williams' Bud line of Treeing Feists. I have a couple that are Quick's Champ bred. The only dogs I have bought as pups for breeding are from a proven Sire and Dam with a well known Pedigree.  I have bought one grown Feist. I only breed dogs that have been hunted and have actually treed live wild squirrels by themselves.
I have 6 Pups born 8/5/19 out of Mary/Waldo. I am taking deposits for these Pups. 4 have sold. The Brindle Female has sold​, light Tan Female has sold, Black and Tan Female has sold. The Tan Male has sold. 2 left to pick from.They are shown on Pup Page  1 above. I have nothing else for sale.
On October 5th I will be making my next trip from Branson, Mo. to Chatsworth, Ga. and return on the 6th. I can meet a pup buyer anywhere along the route shown below.  I always make my trips on the weekend to accomidate working folks. I can make this trip clockwise or counterclockwise as shown. Sometimes I just use the upper route there and back since it is the fastest. At this time, one pup will be picked up here, one pup in Sikeston, Mo.,one pup in Tupelo, Ms. and one pup in Chatsworth, Ga. Remember that I do not load a pup without a deposit. If you contact me and pick a pup I will give you the address to send the deposit.