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417-332-2862 Central Time   e-mail clyde022@centurytel.net
                                                                                                                J​ust click on the blue line to e-mail me
   I have a Female Pup born 9/19 out of Bo and Sweetie for sale-$300  

           I have a Female Pup born 10/14 out of Bo and Jessi-$400         

​ I have 3 Male Pups born Nov 5th out of Bo and Sue. This cross            produces  Pups with 56.25% Williams' Bud blood bred into them.       ​​

I'm proud to say that all the Feists I own were bought as a Pup. I have never bought a started or finished Feist to hunt. I'm not trying to make a name for myself as being a great Dog Man. I just raise, hunt, and breed Dogs I get from the great Dog Men of our past and present. I have a great line-up of well bred Treeing Feists. I sell some Pups out of them each year.
Pedigrees were set to self destruct in 48 hours. They were viewed by over 150 People during that time. Thanks for looking