Updated 2/20/17
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 We are located in the South West corner of Missouri just outside of Branson. We were born and raised in North West Georgia close to Chatsworth. We make several trips back there each year to visit friends and family and maintain our rental property near Rydal, Georgia.

 ​​I believe that Genetics play a major role in producing Dogs with the potential to be good tree dogs. My Dogs have been carefully chosen as Pups from selected litters out of well bred and well known hunting Dogs. There are a lot of Grand Squirrel Champions and Squirrel Champions all my Dog's blood. These Dogs have proven their ability in Competition Hunts in several States and in the woods where Squirrels are actually harvested. If Pups out of my Dogs are handled right and given an opportunity to hunt then I have no doubt that they will become the Dogs they were bred to be.

 To some People owning a good squirrel dog is popularity contest. They buy a dog that has  been bred and trained by someone else and are all over the media showing massive tail gate photos and competition hunts that they have been in with (their) dog. Just shows what money can buy. Then, before long they start putting out posts that (their) line of dogs are the absolute best pure bred dogs in the woods and that all others are watered down left overs produced by Puppy Millers and poor folks that are just trying to break even when it comes to raising, feeding, and breeding a few litters of pups a year.

 I truly believe that you can take one of the so called Puppy Mill variety of registered pups and have one of the truly great tree dog training men raise and train it from a weaned pup​​​ and have  better results than you would if you get a $500 pup and not give it the same training opportunity.

 I have never, and won't ever, be a person that will go on a hunt with you ​​to show you my dog is better than your dog. I'm content with who I am and thankful for what I've got and have nothing to prove to anyone. God bless you and have a nice day.

 Bo and Freckles have been bred. First tie on Valentines Day. Both are Williams' Bud line of dogs and both will tree a squirrel. A sample Pedigree for their Pups is posted on the For Sale Page above. I will breed a few more litters when the grown Females are ready. All my Pups will be in good health and be NKC Registered. Tails will be docked at birth unless requested not docked before birth.