We have a lot of good Feists here at Timms' Feists and raise a couple of litters of Pups each year. Check back often.

"We don't rent Pigs"​


Timms Feists is located in SW Missouri in Taney County between the towns of Branson and Forsyth. Most of my Feists are directly out of Danny Williams' Squirrel Run Kennel near Doniphan, Missouri. I have a few Feists that are more Quick's Champ/ Wright's Freckles bred.

I have one Female Laika and two OMCBA Curs. The male and female Curs both originated out of Donnie and Mary Clark's Kennel near Mountain Grove, Missouri.

My Dogs come from a long line of squirrel treeing stock ​​​​​​that go back many generations. A lot of the ancestors of my dogs have proven themselves time and time again in competition hunts. I breed and sell a few litters each year to help cover the cost of food and medication. I do not run a high volume (Puppy Mill) operation here. Most all the pups that are born are spoken for before birth and are out of crosses that people ask me to mate so they can buy a pup out of their litter. 

Updated 9/16​/14
                                     Pedigrees for my Feists are shown below
                                                   Champ Bred shown first​


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                                               These are my Dogs that have Williams' Bud as their Sire
                                                                      Williams' Bud related