We were born and raised in Murray County Georgia with the County Seat at Chatsworth.
​​We are currently located in SW Missouri in Taney County between the towns of Branson and Forsyth. My Dogs come from a long line of squirrel treeing stock ​​​​​​that go back many generations. A lot of the ancestors of my dogs have proven themselves time and time again in competition hunts and in the woods. All the Dogs I breed have excellent Pedigrees. I breed and sell a few litters each from my 8 Female and 5 Male Feists and 2 Curs. Only 4 of my Females and 3 Males have been bred. I have only bred the Dogs that will tree a squirrel.  Any profit I  make selling Dogs or Puppies goes toward paying for my Grand Daughter's College Education.
Thanks to everyone who has bought my Dogs and Puppies and who will continue to do so.​

We make several trips between Branson, Mo. and Chatsworth, Ga. each year to visit Family and to manage our Rental Property near Rydal, Ga. I usually drop off Dogs and Pups along the way going and coming. If we need to,   we go thru Memphis, Tn.--Tupelo, Ms.--                Birmingham, Al.--and then I-20 on in. We usually come back up I-24 to Paducah, Ky. and then West on US60. This allows people to save a lot of money by not having to drive here or have a Dog shipped. We also haul other people's Dogs for a modest fee. Most of them to and from Danny Williams' training pen near Doniphan, Mo.

                           Thanks for visiting my Web Site and good luck hunting                               


Updated 3/29/15
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Look on my contact page for a recent picture of the Legendary Squirrel Dog Man Gerald Johnson​​​
Way back before color pictures and color TV I was taught how to take care of some real good hunting Dogs
Here I am heading over to the Mark Twain National Forest about 20 miles East of where I live for an afternoon of Pup training. I've got 2 young Dogs in the white fiberglass dog box in back of the truck. The aluminum box on the back of the Honda ATV will hold 2 Feists if I need to put one or both in it in the woods. The Deer hunters keep a lot of trails open and I ease down them with the Dogs out in front of me. I can ride all afternoon and never be on the same trail twice unless it's to get back to the truck. My Wife asked me why I do this all the time and I simply replied  "because I can".