​​​​​​We were born and raised in Murray County Georgia with the County Seat at Chatsworth.
​​We are currently located in SW Missouri in Taney County between the towns of Branson and Forsyth. My Dogs come from a long line of squirrel treeing stock ​​​​​​that go back many generations. A lot of the ancestors of my dogs have proven themselves time and time again in competition hunts and in the woods. All the Dogs I breed have excellent Pedigrees. I breed and sell a few litters each from my 6 Female and 5 Male Feists and 2 Curs. Only 4 of my Females and 3 Males have been bred. I have only bred the Dogs that will tree a squirrel. Thanks to everyone who has bought my Dogs and Puppies and who will continue to do so.​

We make several trips between Branson, Mo. and Chatsworth, Ga. each year to visit Family and to manage our Rental Property near Rydal, Ga. I usually drop off Dogs and Pups along the way going and coming. 



                           Thanks for visiting my Web Site and good luck hunting                               


Updated 10/7/15
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417-332-2862 Central Time   e-mail clyde022@centurytel.net
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                I have a litter of Pups born on the 19th of September                   
                      A litter is due on 10/13 out of Bo and Jessi                             ​

Way back before color pictures and color TV I was taught how to take care of some real good hunting Dogs
Here I am heading over to the Mark Twain National Forest about 20 miles East of where I live for an afternoon of Pup training. I've got 2 young Dogs in the white fiberglass dog box in back of the truck. The aluminum box on the back of the Honda ATV will hold 2 Feists if I need to put one or both in it in the woods. The Deer hunters keep a lot of trails open and I ease down them with the Dogs out in front of me. I can ride all afternoon and never be on the same trail twice unless it's to get back to the truck.