We are located in SW Missouri in Taney County between the towns of Branson and Forsyth.
My Dogs come from a long line of squirrel treeing stock ​​​​​​that go back many generations. A lot of the ancestors of my dogs have proven themselves time and time again in competition hunts and in the woods. I breed and sell a few litters each year to help cover the cost of food and medication.  

I'm listing the grown dogs below for sale. If you are looking for a well bred Feist to begin Squirrel hunting with Dogs or to breed these bloodlines into what you have contact me.

I'm getting ready to make a couple of trips from Branson, Mo. to my rental property just north of Cartersville, Ga. I'll be making the first trip just as soon as I get enough of my 9 week old Treeing Cur Pups sold to drop off along the way. I'll be going down to Conway, Ar. over to Memphis, Tn. down thru Tupelo, Ms. to Birmingham, Al. and then on East to Georgia. I usually come back by going to Chattanooga, Tn. then Nashville, Tn. to Paducah, Ky. on I-24​​. Then I come back on US 60 West home. I'll be making another trip mid December when my Feists are ready to go. If you like one of my Pups or Dogs but can't come to Missouri then I can meet up with you somewhere between here and Georgia.  I have also hauled Dogs for other people when I have room and time permits. 

                  My plans are to leave the 1st week of December---give or take a few days                 ​​

Thanks for visiting my Web Site and good luck hunting no matter what kind of dog you have​​

Updated 11/27/14
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$1000.00    Trees his own squirrels      Born 7/23/13
$1000.00   Trees her own squirrels  
$400.00  or best offer  
$1200.00  Excellent Finished Dog 
          Son of Williams' Bud​​          
          Produces good Pups​

Sweetie on right Tom her Sire on left
Jessi         Heavy Mullins bred Gyp
Sweetie--A beautiful little Gyp that really hunts good
A good little Dog with a lot of potential

Tom-Gets treed quick and will be up on the tree when you get there. He will road hunt or walk hunt out to about 300yds

             Two of the dogs below--Bob and his Son Blue--have sales pending on deposits and delivery            
My oldest dog Bob (5) with a treed squirrel
Bob is a 100% finished Dog that is a pleasure to hunt. He will road hunt for you or he will walk hunt. Checks in often, comes when called, easy to load. Produces good Pups. His Sire and Dam were ATFA Squirrel Dogs of the Year Williams' Redneck and Williams' Capers. Always ready to hunt and will tree you a bunch of Squirrels. Under the ATFA size and weight limits.
I will sell him for $2,000.00 firm to a person that will hunt him hard.
Sale Pending
Sale Pending
Happy Thanksgiving to All--May your day be blessed with good food and good Fellowship