Updated 12/15/​17
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 We are located in the South West corner of Missouri just outside of Branson. We were born and raised in North West Georgia in Murray County close to Chatsworth. 

Emails are th​​e best way to contact me because I have a severe hearing loss but if you do call me make sure you leave a message on my answering machine. If you have an email address leave it on the answering machine and I will return your message using email.

 ​​I believe that Genetics play a major role in producing Dogs with the potential to be good tree dogs. My Dogs have been carefully chosen as Pups from selected litters out of well bred and well known hunting Dogs. There are a lot of Grand Squirrel Champions and Squirrel Champions in all my Dog's blood. These Dogs have proven their ability in Competition Hunts in several States and in the woods where Squirrels are actually harvested. If Pups out of my Dogs are handled right and given an opportunity to hunt then I have no doubt that they will become the Dogs they were bred to be. 

                         These are some of the grown dogs that I have​​ but not for sale

                            1 Male out of Williams' Bud: BJ out of Bud/Williams' Judy​​

                                    I have 3 Females out of Williams' Bud:
​                                      Bee out of Bud/Tombigbee Goldie​
                                       Dixie out of Bud/Williams' Sandy​
                                          Sue out of Bud/Williams' Sue​

I just got back from my trip down into Georgia. Dropped off some pups and made some little and big kids happy. Always good to see someone get a new puppy. 

       I'm making a short trip to Oklahoma City this weekend from Branson       
    My Wife Virginia is always around here to answer the phone when I'm gone​

​​I have 3 Male Pups  left out of 3 different litters​​ that are listed on my Sale page

2 Males in this Champ Litter are all that's left for sale out of Rose. Smaller one solid color, bigger one has a white patch between front legs.  Pups were born on Nov 3rd.​